Sibella INDOLE

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Indole-3-carbinol contributes to the death of tumor cells infected with human papilloma virus, inhibits the development of papillomatous formations, prevents the oxidation of estrogens and reduces hyperestrogenia – one of the causes of uterine fibroids, and stimulates an increase in the level of “good” metabolite of female sex hormones. It has an antioxidant effect.

Prevention of hormone-dependent malignant and benign neoplasms and support of the female body in diseases of the female reproductive system.

Helps maintain the health of the female reproductive system (mammary glands, reproductive organs). Strengthens the immune system, activates metabolic processes in the liver. Slows down the aging process due to antioxidant action

Women having:
autoimmune disorders
fibrocystic and diffuse mastopathy
general intoxication of the body as a consequence of serious diseases, poisoning, as well as negative effects of urban smog, cigarette smoke and tap water
hormonal disorders that entail the risk of developing tumor diseases
laryngeal papillomatosis and viral wart

general tonic effect
slowing down the aging process

Contains natural ingredients.

Safe, has a minimum of side effects and contraindications.

indole-3-carbinol – 150 mg

capsules of 0.23 g

adults – 1 capsule 2 times a day with food. Duration of administration – 1 month. If necessary, the administration can be repeated.

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