Green Cross
Private label

Natural complex with general tonic action on the basis of vitamins and microelements, natural crushed cranberries and cowberries, traditionally used for colds and deficiency of vitamins with anti-inflammatory effect, increasing immunity.

  • as prevention during the period of seasonal colds;
  • to improve the fluid balance in the body during fever;
  • to boost work performance;
  • as an additional source of vitamin C, zinc, fructose;
  • to speed up body detox
  • Natural product
  • Easy to take
  • sugar-free

Cranberry extract; redberry extract; ascorbic acid; zinc; excipients: natural sweetener fructose; maltodextrin as a filling agent.

6.5 g sachets

dissolve the contents of one sachet (6.5 g) in 150 ml of warm or hot water, adults should take this amount 1-2 times a day with meals.


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