2 June 2020

BerryVitс - line extension

BerryVitс - line extension

The BerryVitс fruit drinks line, developed by Pharmacor Production specialists for use in the treatment of colds and heart diseases, has been supplemented.

Natural fortified drinks “BerryVitс. Raspberries and honey ", BerryVitс" Raspberries and D3 "and" BerryVitс. Nord ”are used for colds, influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, when a plentiful warm drink is especially necessary. Viruses and toxins are washed away with the liquid. It is most effective to use special products containing vitamins and anti-inflammatory natural supplements. “BerryVitc. Nord "tones, has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and bactericidal effects due to the content of natural cranberries, lingonberries and cloudberries, trace elements and vitamins and is recommended for adults.

Children are much more likely to catch an infection than adults. They are more difficult to tolerate ARVI, and take longer to recover. This is because the child’s immunity has not yet formed. To reduce the risk of developing a viral disease and accelerate recovery, doctors advise supplementing the baby’s diet with vitamin complexes. Vitamorces based on natural raspberry juice powder “BerryVitc. Raspberries and honey "and BerryVitc" Raspberries and D3 "are recommended for both adults and children from 3 years old.

“BerryVitc. Cardio "can be used for prevention and as a component of adjuvant therapy to reduce the risk of developing heart disease and the cardiovascular system. Contains natural berries of hawthorn, the effectiveness of which is clinically proven.

All BerryVitc fruit drinks have a natural, balanced composition, pleasant berry taste and are available in convenient form - sticks.