Magnesium with Vitamin B6
16 December 2022
A new product has appeared in the company's portfolio - "Magnesium with Vitamin B6", the production of which is possible under private label.

"Gepakomb Detox" in a new package
24 November 2022
We have updated the package of dietary supplements "Hepacomb Detox", and already in December 2022 it will be available in pharmacies and marketplaces in a new design.

New Product - Zinc + D3 + C + Quercetin
2 November 2022
In the fourth quarter of 2022, Pharmacor Production launched the production of a new product in tablets "Zinc + D3 + C + quercetin".

Pharmacore Production on Ozon!
14 September 2022
A large assortment of our company's products is now presented on Ozon!

Private label manufacturer company of the year 2022
15 August 2022
PHARMACOR PRODUCTION received the Private Label Manufacturer 2022 award in the Company of the Year category of the Green Cross international pharmaceutical award.