30 November 2023

New medicinal product

New medicinal product

A registration certificate has been received, and a new unique medicinal product by PHARMACOR PRODUCTION is being prepared for release.

Virunosin® is the powder for oral solution, 1000 mg. The powder form and dosage of 1000 mg are unique on the market in our country.

Active ingredient: Inosine pranobex is an immunostimulating and antiviral agent that prevents the occurrence of viral infections or, if an infection has developed, reduces the duration and severity of the disease.

Mechanism of action: Virunosin® inhibits viral RNA, enhances the synthesis of lymphocyte mRNA, and increases the production of alpha and gamma interferons by lymphocytes.

The drug Virunosin® is active against:

·         influenza A and B viruses,

·         human herpes viruses types 1, 2, 3,

·         Epstein-Barr virus,

·         cytomegalovirus,

·         measles virus,

·         human T-cell lymphoma virus (type III),

·         papilloma virus,

·         polioviruses.

The excipient in Virunosin® is sorbitol. It is 60% sweeter than sucrose, while containing 1/3 fewer calories and is safe for people with diabetes.

The large dose and unique formulation of Virunosin® provide high bioavailability and a powerful antiviral effect.