4 March 2020

Herrbulon - health broths

Herrbulon - health broths
A new line of dietary preventive nutrition for people who are monitoring their health, Gerrbulon, has been launched on the market.
Herrbulon HEALTHY LIVER and HEALTHY HEART are natural vegetable and beef broths in powder, enriched with plant extracts and vitamins.

Herrbulons HEALTHY BEAT AND VEGETABLE LIVER due to the content of milk thistle extract contribute to the improvement of liver metabolic processes, increase its resistance to adverse conditions.

Gerrbulons HEALTHY beef and vegetable HEART with hawthorn extract in the composition tone the heart muscle, improve blood circulation in the vessels of the heart and blood vessels of the brain, relieve unpleasant sensations in the heart, improve the general condition.

Natural dry powder broths - Gerrbulon does not contain preservatives and artificial colors, their compositions are unique and patented.