19 January 2021

New BerryVitC "Echinacea and Elderberry"

New BerryVitC "Echinacea and Elderberry"
The line of fortified drinks BerryVitC has been supplemented with a new product - "Echinacea and Elderberry" No. 20.
The novelty contributes to:
- Maintaining the body's defenses and the activity of the immune system in case of seasonal colds
- Replenishment of deficiency of vitamin C, zinc
- Replenishment of the required amount of fluid in the body at elevated temperatures
- Recovery of the body after painful conditions (colds, flu)

It can be used for prophylaxis and as a component of adjuvant therapy to reduce the risk of developing colds.

Also in the line of BerryVitC drinks are presented:

"Raspberry and D3" for replenishing the lack of microelements and vitamins in children and adults, based on a powder made from natural raspberry juice. "BerryWitC. Raspberry and D3 "helps to improve overall health, compensate for dehydration, reduce discomfort in the throat. The drink contains vitamins C and D3. D3 is necessary for the body to assimilate calcium, strengthen dental and bone tissue.

"Raspberry and honey" with the aroma of raspberries and honey contributes to the maintenance of immunity in case of seasonal colds, general strengthening of the body, replenishment of the deficiency of vitamin C, zinc and the required amount of fluid in the body at elevated temperatures, accelerating the elimination of toxins in case of colds.

"Nord" is effective as part of complex therapy for colds, acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, it is recommended as an abundant drink at elevated temperatures and to accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body in case of colds. Contains natural powder of cranberries, lingonberries and cloudberries. Tones up, has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and bactericidal effect.

"Cardio" is used as part of complex therapy for functional disorders of the heart and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Contains natural hawthorn berries, clinically proven to be effective.