5 July 2021

New Gepacomb "Essential phospholipids plus glycyrrhizic acid"

New Gepacomb "Essential phospholipids plus glycyrrhizic acid"
A new product - "Essential phospholipids plus glycyrrhizic acid" has been added to the "Gepacomb" line of drugs for the health and protection of the liver.
  • to improve the functional state of the liver;
  • to protect the liver from obesity;
  • to improve the metabolic function of the liver;
  • when taking medications (some antibiotics, long-term use of contraceptive pills, etc.);
  • subject to a strict diet;
  • under stress.
Glycyrrhizic acid (extract of licorice root) - has a stimulating effect on the production of interferon, increases phagocytosis, increases the activity of natural killers (lymphocytes), etc. Due to its high surface-active effect, it improves the emulsification of phospholipids in the intestine.