22 October 2021

RostActiv. Updated composition

RostActiv. Updated composition
In the third quarter of 2021, the pharmaceutical market launched the RostActiv shampoo and balm from Pharmacor Production in an updated composition.
The "RostActiv" series includes three products: shampoo and balm, which have renewed formulations, as well as capsules for oral administration.

New product formulations include many ingredients that have a beneficial effect on hair.

Prodew® 400 Complex is a highly effective moisturizing supplement.

Burdock oil nourishes, softens, smoothes hair, restores its structure.

Castor oil stimulates hair growth, makes it silky and shiny.

Pepper extract has a warming effect, improves the nutrition of hair roots.

Herbal extracts (nettle, hops, sage, string), which are part of the balm, strengthen and nourish, stimulate hair growth.

Lecithin has a softening effect.

Vitamins A and E soften and increase hair elasticity.

The complex promotes the growth and strengthening of hair, maintaining a normal structure, nourishes and smoothes. Suitable for all hair types.