30 July 2019

Sibella line is put on pharma market

Sibella line is put on pharma market

In July, PHARMACOR PRODUCTION launched a new line of dietary supplements for women – Sibella.

The matrix of products consists of complexes for maintaining women's health and beauty as the first is inseparable from the second. Each Sibella product is designed with an integrated approach and maintaining the female body as a whole. The Sibella line includes biologically active supplements, the action of which is aimed at maintaining health, youth and beauty.

Sibella is care for women's health without aggressive effects. Natural and plant components in the composition are the most gentle means for the body.

“Sibella - Natural Beauty” includes three products: Sibella HYALURONIC ACID, Sibella COLLAGEN and Sibella BEAUTY COMPLEX DAY AND NIGHT.

“Sibella - One Size Smaller!” Consists of Sibella DUOSLIM MORNING, Sibella DUOSLIM EVENING, Sibella DUOSLIM COFFEE.

“Sibella - Protection Without Aggression” includes Sibella ORTILIYA PLUS, Sibella INDOLE, Sibella CLIMO, Sibella CYCLE.

The developed Sibella products are recommended for women, both for preventive purposes and for the purpose of correcting existing disorders in the field of women's health.