28 October 2019

Sibella products in new packaging

Sibella products in new packaging
A new line for women - Sibella came out in an updated package. All products passed the voluntary certification (DS) procedure at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2019.
Sibella entered the pharmaceutical markets of Russia and Belarus in the III quarter of 2019.

Sibella natural and herbal complexes for maintaining women's health and beauty have been developed by PHARMAKOR PRODUCTION specialists, taking into account all the difficulties that the female body faces after 30 years and understanding how important support is after age-related changes. Sibella line consists of three series “Beauty”, “Slimness” and “Protection”. The products of the line are suitable both for complex application and for solving specific problems.

In pharmacies, for some time, both packages from the first series may be present, as well as updated ones. At the same time, information from the DS applies to all products of the Sibella line for women.