9 April 2020

Sorbipol - a natural absorbent

Sorbipol - a natural absorbent

In the line of absorbents manufactured by Pharmacor Production, a new product has appeared - SORBIPOL. The new product has a unique composition and a wide spectrum of action.
The combination of Aerosil and succinic acid enhances the immune status and reduces the severity of intoxication.

Aerosil (silicon dioxide) has a high sorption capacity with respect to microorganisms, tissue breakdown products, external and internal toxins, food allergens, poisons and medicines. It has bactericidal properties and anti-inflammatory effect.

Succinic acid is the regulator of energy metabolism in the cells and tissues of the body. Its effectiveness is increased in combination with sorbents.

SORBIPOL is recommended for food and chronic allergies, poisoning, toxicosis, intestinal infection, to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.