16 July 2021

Sorbipol in a new packaging format - 50 g

Sorbipol in a new packaging format - 50 g
In the third quarter of 2021, Sorbipol was launched on the pharmaceutical market in a new packaging format - 50 g.
"Sorbipol" is a natural enterosorbent of a wide spectrum of activity:

- removes any type of toxins from the body;
- relieves the condition in case of poisoning;
- has an anti-inflammatory effect;
- helps to increase immunity;
- contains natural ingredients.

Sorbipol is recommended for alcohol intoxication (hangover) and for prophylaxis (detox).

Sorbipol neutralizes the action of all types of toxins, keeping harmful substances on its surface and removing them naturally. The natural active ingredient is not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not remove useful elements from the body, therefore "Sobipol" is safe for adults, the elderly and children.