18 May 2020

Updated site of the GCC line

Updated site of the GCC line
Due to the expansion of the line of chondroprotectors of MCC - products for maintaining healthy joints, we have updated the site https://ghk.spb.ru/, making it even more intuitive with comfortable navigation and usability.

Information on dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals containing glucosamine and chondroitin is presented in such a way that visitors to the site can easily navigate the variety, basic properties and effects of the products.

Over the course of several years, GKK Glukozamin-Chondroitin Complex and GKK-ULTRA have been leaders among dietary supplements for maintaining healthy joints *.

Recall that the line of chondroprotectors "MCC" "PHARMACOR PRODUCTION" produces since 1998. It includes GCC Glucozamine-Chondroitin Complex and GCK-ULTRA capsules, UNIVERSAL GCC gel, new products - Glucosamine ULTRA bags and GCC COMPLEX WITH COLLAGEN.

Natural chondroprotectors of the GCC line with anti-inflammatory and analgesic components are recommended:

- Elderly people with age-related changes in the joints;

- Overweight people;

- Athletes, including those involved in heavy sports;

- To people who care about the health of their joints.


* According to the data of DSM Group, as of Q1 2020, among dietary supplements in physical terms, containing glucosamine and chondroitin in capsules.


Welcome to our updated site for products of the MCC line for maintaining healthy joints https://ghk.spb.ru/