Interview with the general director in "BUSINESS CAPITAL. Medicine"
4 December 2019
In the December issue of the business profile magazine “BUSINESS CAPITALS. Medicine ”an interview with the Director General of PHARMACOR PRODUCTION A.I. Korzun.

 Hyaluronic acid: why does our skin need it?
8 November 2019
"Why is hyaluronic acid so necessary for the body?" - This issue was dealt with in the popular women's edition ELLE.

All aspects of women's health
25 October 2019
The October issue of Health Without Borders released material about how difficult it is to be a woman in the modern world. And what needs to be done to stay in shape and keep up with the fast paced rhythm of life.

Company of the year - a domestic manufacturer of dietary supplements
24 October 2019
PHARMACOR PRODUCTION became the laureate of the most significant pharmaceutical award in Russia Green Cross in the category "company of the year" in the nomination "domestic manufacturer of dietary supplements 2019",

Food supplement are means for the prevention of diseases, they do not need to be treated
30 September 2019
By mid-2019, the output of biologically active additives and medicines at the FARMACOR PRODUCTION factories increased several times.