9 April 2019

How to safely restore virility?

How to safely restore virility?

Erectile dysfunction is an official disease, moreover: it is the first manifestation of life-threatening conditions. It affects the quality of life of men. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry has never stopped searching for a remedy that can have a strengthening effect on male potency, but at the same time meets the main rule of healing: Do no harm.

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Ease of use, safety and usefulness are the benefits of natural dietary supplements created on the basis of natural components – mainly phytogenic (of plant origin). In the field of producing means to improve or stimulate erection, Pharmacor Production company created Vialis for men. It contains plant extracts that enhance sexual capabilities, as well as vitamins and minerals. The action of each component of the complex is aimed at improving erection, enhancing sexual desire and increasing control over ejaculation.

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